Learn to Live Today…Today

Learn to live today…today
And not tomorrow when it becomes yesterday
We spend so much time in our memories or in the future
That we rarely have time to live in today

Today is when and where you live
Yesterday is already over and gone
And you can’t do or undo any actions
Or change anything that you did wrong

But you can live today…today
And today’s actions make new memories
Because the things you do today
Will become tomorrow’s history

Twenty-four golden hours
To live this gift that we call life
To spend with your friends or children
Or your parents or husband or wife

Today is when and where you can live
It’s the only time that is really real
Today you can love, laugh, and listen
Today you can understand; today you can feel

So learn to live more in the present day
By praying, deciding, and carrying out your plan
You can’t relive yesterday or live tomorrow in advance
Today is the only time that you can

The current moment is your only currency
It’s the only time we are creating, don’t you get it; don’t you see!

The current moment is the only time you have power
So focus on this moment, and soon you’ll see results by the hour

And by the day, and the week, the month, and the year
And you’ll realize your dreams one by one and be done with fear
And when you do reflect on your past you will do it with cheer
Because you’ll be grateful for the life that you caused to appear

(c) Barbara S. Talley- “Learn to Live Today…Today’ is an excerpt from her upcoming book, ‘Cheer Up: Poetry to Help You Get Back On Track.’  It will be released early 2010.

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