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Videos: Looking for a Speaker?

Are You Looking for a Seasoned Speaker that Consistently Delivers Engaging Transformational Content?

How About Barbara S. Talley?

Workshop on Balance

Keynote: Women’s History Month- US Army


Keynote: “Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”- Clemson University


Keynote Address: “On Track-On Fire- On Purpose” -Montgomery College

Keynote Address: “MLK Celebration” – Housing and Urban Development
Past Clients
A few testimonials. I apologize in advance for the quality. It was a large crowd and lots of background noise, but I hope you can still see the excitement.


Barbara Talley’s Catalog

Barbara is a seasoned professional with over 35 years experience. Whether it’s a new client or one of decades, she consistently delivers professional, dynamic, impacting, and memorable content.

Bring Barbara to your organization now!
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My Catalog
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