My Poetry

This poet speaks and inspires. Check out my topics.

Please enjoy some of my original poetry



Finding the Jewels Within You


Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Find Your Radiance

When I Die 

5 thoughts on “My Poetry

  1. Hi Barbara , this is Ramin Mahmoud and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the convention . I absolutely LOVED your spirit , your message and your poem on love . I would love to be able to connect and have you come to Jacksonville for both our race unity discussion and for the general community building.
    My contact information is :
    Please stay in touch 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹🌹 .

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  2. I’m glad I found you online and found your poetry! I can play with this now… As soon as I have a second! I love your words and I love you so much I am grateful that my path has crossed your path 🙂 Bahá’u’lláh is The Greatest Assistance in deed! Morning prayers today were intense! I wasn’t quite expecting it to be so intense and I heard we were on the call when they acknowledged who is on the call. I’d like to hold my whole week of consults for something we’re doing together so please give me details so that I can it to my chance folks that I was going to invite, If that’s possible?


  3. Greetings, Barbara, and thank you for your work. Here in Carrizozo, New Mexico, I host a monthly Zozo Zoom Unity Circle, a type of Baha’i inspired Devotions, for the purpose of possibly helping to heal our fractured, tiny, remote town. My share portion for April will come from Dr. King’s Birth of a New Nation (discovered by listening to last week’s POTE/Diaspora) as well as from the Baha’i Holy Words. In May I would like to share from your poem Faith Versus Fear, and also from the piece by Radiance on how we are made of Stardust…not sure if I have the titles correct. You shared them tonight in the Poetry zoom. Would you allow this? If so, where may I find them written? Thank you very, very much…our town of Carrizozo is paralyzed with fear and prejudice, rigidity and despair. I think that your words, and those of Radiance, might help us.
    Thanks again,
    Ann in Zozo


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