Beware of Abusers Poem

Ladies if he isolates you from your friends
And restricts your social life
And is jealous of you over everything
Don’t complicate it by becoming his wife

These are the signs of an abuser
If you’re wise, this you won’t ignore
Abusers come in all kinds, male or female
Unknown or famous and rich or poor

Abusers use jealousy as a major motivation
They see you as property for which they’ve staked a claim
And then when they can’t control themselves and they hurt you
They convince you it’s your fault and that you are to blame

Abusers don’t want you to spend time with other people
They want to control what you see, say, or do
Their happiness comes from controlling others
Abuse intensifies when they can no longer control you

So watch out for the signs of abuse
They are as clear as night and day
If you get involved you may lose more than your identity
Some with their very lives have had to pay

Guys don’t you see that girls are human?
Don’t you feel guilty when you break her heart?
Don’t you know that the best way to stop abuse
Is to get help so that you never even start?

©2009, Barbara S. Talley-

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