The Power of First Words

We Have Creative Power

Today’s motivational message is on the power of first words.  Spiritually speaking, we are told that in the very beginning, ‘was the Word’. We are told that words created all that there is and that we also have that same creative power.  All the Holy Books, Spiritual Leaders, and Motivational gurus teach us that we are in control of our destiny.  We create our reality through our thoughts, and the building blocks of our thoughts are our words.

All Thoughts Produce An Outcome

We know from experience that both loving thoughts and hateful thoughts, fearful thoughts or faithful thoughts, hopeful thoughts or hopeless thoughts all produce an outcome.  They influence our actions and shape our lives. The Bible states, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”  Buddhist Teachings state that ‘we are what we think, having become what we thought’.  The Baha’i Teachings state, “The reality of man is his thought.”  So if words have so much power, wouldn’t it make sense to monitor our words and thoughts and use them to our advantage?

Choose Carefully Your First Words Each Day

The first words you utter each day ‘prime your pump’.  They get you going in a certain direction.  Since we have free will, we can change that direction at any time.  But since we are habitual creatures, we usually don’t.  We just ‘go with the flow.’   One way to really get on track, on fire, and on purpose is to conscientiously choose our first words.  Are they of gratitude or they complaining of something that’s not going your way.

What You Think About Multiplies

Since what you think about (good or bad) multiplies in your life, it’s essential that the first words (and first thoughts), having creative power, should be focused on what we want, appreciate, and love.

Take Some Action

So for the next few days, monitor and write down your first thoughts.  Then conscientiously, plan to make them positive, affirming, and loving.  Some may start off with prayer or meditation.  Others may focus on what they have to be grateful for or on their goals.  Just take control of your thoughts and you’ll be surprised at how powerful you really are!


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