Care Enough to Spend Responsibly

Every media source during this season skillfully and continuously beckons everyone to buy and spend.  If you can afford to buy and be generous, that’s one thing, but so many really can’t afford to buy all the things that their friends and loved ones want.

Sharing Is Caring

But, caring means we are considerate.  We care enough about ourselves to be responsible.  Are you spending too much?  Or, are you sending out subtle hints or making selfish demands on your loved ones to buy you something that will cause them to go into debt or be stressed?   Where’s the love in that?  You see it all around you.

Parents, husbands, wives, and friends go into debt for months or perhaps even years just to appease, impress, or make someone happy for a single day.  Where’s the joy in that?   Later they suffer buyer’s remorse and beat themselves up for months for not having had the will power to spend within their means.  We don’t have to spend to be happy or to make other people happy.   That is not true happiness.  Be responsible; if you can’t afford something, don’t buy it.

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