‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly’

The phrase, ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly’, is a necessary and apt reminder to not forget the reason for the season, which is to give and experience joy and happiness.  So while you’re out shopping and spending, you must be especially careful to not get swept up in the media frenzy of buying, buying, buying and forget the real reason for the season.  All the lights, singing, gift giving, and gift receiving have the power to impact our moods both positively and negatively.

For some the holiday season brings the expected joy, but for others it’s stressful and even depressing.   If you have money to shop, have friends and family to celebrate with, are open to giving and receiving, or have the time to pause and ‘be jolly’, then joy comes more  naturally.  But remember joy and happiness are not dependent on stuff.

One way to be jolly or happy is to be aware and sensitive to how others may be feeling.  Even if it isn’t your season, still find a reason to be jolly.  If you have abundance and see others in need, share the joy.   If you are one of those who has financial challenges this year, be sure to read my blog entry on ‘21 meaningful but inexpensive gifts you can give‘.  http://wp.me/ppImQ-9V

Hopefully you will be able to find some ways  to stay in the mood but out of the poor house.


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