A New Day: A New Blessing

This morning as I watched the beautiful shades of pink, gray, and gold painted across the sky at sunrise, I couldn’t help but think of how blessed we are.  I felt grateful and remembered the Bible’s promise that “A grateful heart attracts blessings.”  The dawn of each new day symbolizes promise, order, wonder, and beauty.  Each new day is a gift holding within it unlimited possibilities to create, observe, appreciate, and serve.

I uttered my favorite dawn prayer from the Bahá’í Writings, “Illumine my inner being oh my God with the splendors of the dayspring of thy revelation, even as thou didst illumine my outer being with the morning light of thy favor.”

Prayer in the morning protects me and puts me on the right track.  The words of God awaken, open, and excite my heart and soul, the same way that the sunrise delights my physical eyes and humbles me.  I think to myself how blessed I am to be a human being, to have the potential to mirror the attributes and qualities of God, to be so valued and trusted that I have been given free will.  With this power, I can create or destroy, love or hate, believe or fear, take from others or serve them unselfishly.  I pause and feel at this moment that I am blessed and highly favored, just as every other person is.

So many people are asleep, or if awake, are too busy scurrying about to notice this wonderful gift of awe and beauty.  I’m in that same category some of the time myself.  But this morning, I stopped and recognized and acknowledged this daily gift from God and felt refreshed and privileged.  The sunrise is just the beginning of the gifts that the aware will notice throughout their day.  With each step we can appreciate the ability to move.  With each sound we can be grateful for our hearing.  With each smile we give and receive we can be thankful for our ability to touch others and feel their warmth and love.  With each thought we can be thankful for our ability to create new realities.  Haven’t we been taught that the reality of man is his thought?   With each word we can encourage others or depress or sadden them.  We can spread hope and joy or fear and doubt.  As humans, we have a choice, that’s what makes us human.  But, with this choice and blessing comes great responsibility.  We are here to grow, mirror the qualities of God,  and make things better.  Today is a wonderful new day and it’s ours to do as we wish.  I’m determined to make mine magnificent, what about you?

Barbara Talley is a professional speaker, poet, and author.  Her presentations focus on vision, values, and virtues.  You can find more about her programs at www.ThePoetSpeaks.com

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