Black Healthcare Crisis

The CDC states: “For blacks in the United States, health disparities can mean earlier deaths, decreased quality of life, loss of economic opportunities, and perceptions of injustice. For society, these disparities translate into less than optimal productivity, higher health-care costs, and social inequity.” The following excerpt on the black health care crisis was taken from

“African Americans die at a much more alarming rates from HIV, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even lupus – compared to their white counterparts.”

Is There Such Thing As A Black Health Crisis?

Absolutely. There is a black health crisis that many African Americans face everyday. This is partly because of miseducation or the non-existence of health education in urban communities. Many African Americans are born into bad habits, and neighborhoods that do not offer healthy lifestyles.”  For more information about African American health disparities, visit:

There are over 55 organization dedicated to the black health care crisis. Please visit the site at

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