Six Thoughts About Health

Not Enough Spring into Your Step?

Does fatigue, pain, or lack of energy have you moving more slowly?  The body is a phenomenal work of art.  Its systems are designed to keep the human machine working smoothly for well over 100 years.  But, like every other machine, ignoring the warning signs, improper care, and misuse have caused the body to fail before it is supposed to.  In celebration of spring, and to put a little more spring into your step, I’d like to share a few health observations.

Six Things You Can Do About Health

  1. The time to take care of your health is before you get sick.
  2. Visit the sick and shut-in.  Visitors give the sick the will to pull through and being of service energizes you and makes you value life more.
  3. Listen to your body, by the time you get major symptoms it could be too late.
  4. Get a competent physician and get your regular checkups.
  5. Get enough sleep, exercise, and fresh air and spring water.
  6. And, if you do get sick, make sure you have a knowledgeable advocate with you at the hospital.  If you don’t, you may not get the best care and will also not pull through as quickly.  You need to feel confident that you are getting the best care so that you can concentrate on getting well.

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