Women Are Not Ready to Say Bye-Bye to The Planet

“Bye-Bye Planet, was inscribed on a banner graphic prominently displayed in a doomsday article of the European Times Online Newspaper entitled, “Toxic Oil Spills Rains Warned Could Destroy North America.” This was in response to the chemical dispersal agent Corexit 9500 that was pumped into the leak in the Gulf which is four times more toxic than oil the article warns.   Other headlines, “Dealing with the Greatest Environmental Catastrophe Ever to Hit the Continental United States.”

And it’s not just in America that the destruction of our planet from our own hands continues unabated, consider this. A July 29, 2010 article reads ‘China vows to prevent environmental catastrophe after river pollution“Flooding washed over 1,000 barrels of explosive chemicals into the Songhua River in the Jilin Province early on Wednesday, officials said. The river, a tributary of the Amur River in Russia, is the main source of drinking water for Jilin, the province’s second-largest city.”

And let’s not so easily forget about other “unnatural” disasters that have occurred, Katrina and the earthquakes in Haiti, Chili, and China. We must become more caring about things that are not in our own backyard, because eventually the residues may wash up there.  Imagine the Unthinkable, and then imagine us all solving the problem together.  Remember the earth is home to all of us.  Click to continue reading entire article, Women Are Not Ready to Say Bye-Bye To Our Planet

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