Don’t Forget to Eat!

Eat or Die

Most people don’t have to be reminded to eat.  Rarely do those who have access to food choose to not feed their bodies.  They know that food is critical to life and without food, they die.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a few extra snacks in between are routine and habitual for most of us.  So much so, that we begin to crave food during these specific times and feel deprived if we don’t eat.  Very few people willingly choose to eat only once a day, or every few days, or only when they are starving or waning.  In fact most people eat out of habit.  In response to this, society has created innumerable rituals, industries, and businesses solely to accommodate this one habit.  Reflect on the number of grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops or bakeries around you.  Availability is one of the reasons that so many eat the wrong things, eat when they are not hungry, and continue to stuff themselves long after their hunger has been satisfied.  Moderation and wisdom of course are key.  The wise have learned that feeding the body nutritious food regularly and in small portions is best for digestion, continuous energy, and ultimately for the optimal health of the body.

Don’t Forget to Feed the Spirit

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But, unfortunately this is not always the case when it comes to feeding the spirit, for far too many people are spiritually famished.  You can spot them by the spirit-less qualities they exude.  Because they have neglected to feed their spirits, they have begun to perish little by little, day by day, and their destructive vices reflect their spiritual deterioration.  Dispirited people tend to exhibit one or more of the following qualities.  They may be self-centered, depressed, complainers, impatient, angry, unhappy, ungrateful, unfair, untruthful, hateful, revengeful, mean-spirited, faith-less, or vision-less.

Virtues Replace Vices When The Spirit is Properly Fed

However, when the spirit is properly fed, these vices begin to disappear and are gradually replaced with an opposite virtue.  The self-centered person begins to consider the needs of others more.  The depressed begin to feel more hopeful and happier.  The complainers begin to see through a lens of  gratitude and compliment more.  The impatient become more patient; anger turns to joy; hate turns to love, and so on.

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   “If this message makes sense use it, if it doesn’t refuse it; for nothing of value can be achieved without knowledge, volition, and action.”

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