Manage Your Roles and You’ll Manage Your Time

Roles=Time Commitments

Whether it is in our jobs or schools, our community, our homes, or places of worship, each of us takes on many roles.  And, with each role we make an expressed or subconscious commitment of our time.  If we want to avoid overload and limit our stress, we must learn to manage our roles.  Some of our roles give us more energy, and some zap it and drain us.  You have to decide which is which.  I have provided a process for clarifying, analyzing, and prioritizing your roles in my book, TalleyUP: The Excitement of Value Based Living.  Below is an excerpt from the book on roles.

First, Define Your Roles

“The first step to living more on purpose is to define your roles. Every role you choose to play in life will have to compete for your precious and limited time. Each role will vie to be the most important priority. Many people I consult with have a problem with managing competing priorities. But the truth is priorities shouldn’t compete. They only compete because we haven’t defined for ourselves and communicated to others the real order of our priorities.” Read more about roles in TalleyUP: The Excitement of Value-Based Living.

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