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3 Tips to Silence Your Inner Worrywart | BNET

April 13, 2011

Amanda Alexander outlines advice to get control of your stress, including these smart tips:

Walk down the memory lane of your previous worries. Can you remember what you were worried about this time last year? If you can actually remember them, which were worth the worry? Remember the old saying: “Today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday.”

Play with your worry voice. Give the voice a character with a life. For the sake of illustration, I like to call mine Dobby (after the negative little house-elf from Harry Potter)…. Turn the volume on the worry voice up and down, change the pitch of the voice, get it to sing. How about getting the voice to sing its lyrics to the tune of Kylie Minogue’s “I Should Be So Lucky”? Once you’ve had a good old play, go back to the volume and turn it right down until you can’t hear that worry voice at all!

Perform a worry autopsy. Write down what you are worried about in a notebook. What is the worst that could happen because of these worries? Think about how you would handle this worst-case scenario.

via 3 Tips to Silence Your Inner Worrywart | BNET.

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