July 19, 1848 in Seneca Falls NY

A is where I was born in Sodus New York.  B is where I lived as a teenager C is where I went to high school.  D is the topic of this article.  It is a place called Seneca Falls New York and on July 19-20, 1848 history was made here.

I used to see signs for Seneca Falls all the time growing up and even passed through there a few times on my way to Geneva to visit my brother.  But I did not always know of its historical significance.  The place is significant and the date July 19, 1848 is historical.  The eloquent and riveting speaker Lucretia Mott would be coming from Boston to visit Seneca Falls NY and the local women wanted to hear her. She was a Quaker, an abolitionist,  and a missionary.  Very few women spoke out in public back then, so she stood out as a symbol. A group of New York women (primarily Quaker) along with Elizabeth Caty Stanton (who was not Quaker) organized a convention to discuss equal rights for women around her visit to Seneca Falls.  Five women sitting around discussing their discontent with inequality decided to have a convention. They put out their first notice on July 11, 1848 which was picked up by Frederick Douglass’ newspaper, The North Star.  Imagine eight days later over 300 people would attend.  And, the forces for equality would be set in motion.

Click to read the Wikipedia account of the entire convention

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