Manage Your eMOTIONal Power

ImageThere are three lessons or observations I’d like to share today. 1) You are responsible for your emotions so do what you must do to protect your power. 2) Realize that it is your emotions that MOVE you.  3) Have a formula for success.

Get prayed up before  you face your day because you never know what life will greet you with, joy or other people’s pain.  I’ve been pondering lately about the amount of energy it takes to keep myself and my team motivated. I don’t know which is harder?  Each of us has that internal chatter going on and when that intertwines with the barrage of negative news that’s everywhere, an emotional hijacking occurs without your sanction. But, that’s what we call life. Our job, our journey, our mission is to stay our own course despite what occurs around us. Things will always occur and try to distract and drain our power if we let them.  At the same time, there are positive empowering people, messages, and energy all around us.  Truly what we focus on multiplies in our lives. I share my personal formula for success often. G+E+T!  And today I had to remind myself of it. Yes, it’s a given that we must goals (G) and time (T), but the equally important and perhaps more important is the E (emotional energy) that jump starts us into action and keeps us moving in the direction we choose.

Today I was thinking about the power of emotions. How many times have you planned your day only to be hijacked emotionally and found yourself going down a path you did not choose?  I awakened this morning with prayers on my mind and a mission in my heart but was quickly refocused on the negative emotional energies of others. I found the joy I was praying hard to sustain waning quickly.  I took care of what needed to be taken care to keep the peace and then tried to get back to that emotional state of power I’d awakened to.  And that got me to thinking about how easily our energy can get hijacked how serious we have to be to maintain our own emotional and spiritual balance.   Emotions get into motion and keep us in motion.  They even have the power to thwart our intended motion.  But be clear we are always in motion, going towards that which we want (or don’t want) and doing it in our minds and bodies.  So, “get prayed up” and “stay prayed up” so can stop emotional hijackings from occurring or lessen their severity and length if they sneak up on you.


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