When Are You Going After Your Dreams?

The Poet Speaks on “Timing Strategies to Get Going Now!”

On your mark, get set, get set, get set….  Well, it’s clear; the next response should be, “GO!”  Sadly, that seems to be the hardest part for many, especially those “Superwomen” who habitually put other people’s needs before their own. A big kudos for those of you who have made time for your dreams. I applaud you. But, unfortunately for so many others, their dreams have become a source of frustration, desperation, or even depression. Many now even fear that their dreams may never come true.  Some of this is due to the current dismal economic forecasts, but many had put their dreams on hold or pause long before the current challenges. Ask yourself, “When will it be my time to go after my most heart-felt dreams and to thrive? In this video clip, I pose this critical life directing question and offer three simple strategies to help you get back on track!

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