Past the Torch

Do you remember the song with the lyrics, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this a better world, if you can!”  That’s our charge. Everyone can do something. Everyone has some unique gift and talent to share with the world.  Remember that the next generation is learning from us.

10675712_10153115951410649_4491032452400321957_nWe must teach the children values and help them to find and strengthen their gifts. This charity, this love, this encouragement must begin at home.  We must expose our children to opportunities as well.  A doctor will expose his or her children to the medical field. A business owner will expose their child to the world of business.  I’m a writer, speaker, and author. My children have been exposed to this world. One has chosen to embrace it. Other’s found their own path of service and I support that whole-heartedly.  We must all do the same for our children and other people’s children too for they are all ours. And, their decisions will one day shape the world we will be living in when we are old and gray.

I am so proud that my youngest chose to write. I’ve been sharing my platform with her whenever I can. There is no greater joy than that. We spoke together at a recent Dr. King Celebration and now she has the bug.


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