It’s The Feeling Not the Object You’re After

happy sun

Success, Accomplishment, Winning, Productivity, these are words that define growth, movement, or the reaching of major milestones in life. We choose what we want out of life and then we focus on that goal with faith and fervor until we finish.  Life rewards those who persevere with a feeling of satisfaction.

While there may be many tangible or physical “things” that we thought we were seeking, it was the feeling and not the thing that we were seeking.

angel wingsWe just tied the feeling to the thing and the thing became our carrot. We are elated when we are successful at accomplishing something we desired,  or when we have won, or when we have created or produced something from our own efforts.  Meaningful achievements are satisfying and make us happy.  We want something more, better, or different.  This drive is not always a sign of discontent or dissatisfaction but more a natural response to our innate calling to mature, develop, and transform into our best selves.  Without transformation, we stay as we are.  When living things stop growing, they die! Label the feeling you desire and pay attention to notice how many times that feeling returns for the simple things already in your life. Decide to feel good everyday and just do it!


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