Life-Force Enriching Leadership Lesson #1.

Lesson #1: Living Systems Move In One of Two Directions.

(Tools from the Appreciative Inquiry Toolbox)

Choice or free will is a gift! To choose where to expend one’s life force is not only the goal of life but the gold of life. Every human being has an energy, or life force, that fuels them, propels them towards their very best self, and generates the power of attraction. This life force has many names: qi, frequency, or zone. It is that internal condition when we seem to move effortlessly towards our goals in a spirit of exuberant joy and certitude.


Our value appreciates when we consciously and consistently move towards those things that add value to our lives. Living things move in one of two directions: towards life or towards death, towards advancement or towards destruction, towards growth or towards decline.  Which way we decide to move is the choice that the gift of free will offers each of us in each moment. Every thought, feeling, and action we choose will move us in one direction. We each have the opportunity and responsibility to choose the direction that we wish to travel and expend our life force.

Every human being, community, and organization has a life force that has no geographical boundaries or limitations as to its reach or impact. This life force is either released to do good for the whole or it causes harm. When it ceases to do good, its strength is misused and, consciously or unconsciously, contributes to humanity’s decline. Done correctly, we not only increase our own value, but we also enrich our relationships, organizations, and communities in which we have the bounty to serve. When we choose incorrectly, everyone loses. When we choose correctly, we all win; for we are all connected. We breathe the same air, cry the same tears, and rejoice when we are cared for, respected, and valued. Remember, life is a workshop and there are guidelines for the journey.

Barbara Talley
“The Poet Speaks”

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