Does Your Body Rule?

In the previous article we discussed how the Body, Environment and Time can hijack our goals and leave our outcomes to chance, circumstance, and fate. So, let’s delve further into the Body.

Is is so easy to get distracted these days with 24 hour news cycles, hundreds of channels of live or programmed content, info on demand with a voice request, and smart gadgets on our arms, body or walls. That’s why it is so easy to get hijacked even before we begin our day.  The smart alarm while waking you up also tells you the headlines, many of which are negative. We must be vigilant, because, it is the start of our day, that we have the greatest chance to take control of.

1. Are You Betting on Your Body?

headache_pain_800_clr_3364.pngMany check in with their body to see what it wants and needs when they first wake up. We check to see if anything hurts, or is it hungry? Does it need to go to the bathroom or have other hygienic or biological needs or requests? Or, perhaps the body wants coffee, food, sugar, or an even worse habitual stimulants like cigarettes, alcohol, pills, or drugs.  Now, of course I am not saying to ignore the body, but realize that it is biologically programmed to alert us of any serious problems. What I am saying is to not let it rule and dictate our first thoughts and daily trajectory because energy goes where attention flows.

The body has memorized all your habits (good and bad) and uninterrupted will play the program over and over again. It is designed to conserve energy and it does that by not having to make you think.


Most of our mornings  routines are robotic, habitual, and automatic. We do the same things. We wear the same few outfits, eat the same few meals, park in the same spots if possible, sit in the same seats, hang with the same few people, and if we drive, take the same routes. The body wants us to be comfortable and any change even the changes that are good for us are uncomfortable. Be clear, if the body rules, we are being reactive and living according to a past program, not the present.

Be Mindful of Your Physical State

With that said, the mind and body are partners and the body must be taken care of and be physically fit in order to make the most of our day. Having a physical routine that synchronizes with our mind and heart is a great way to begin our day. Yoga, a brisk walk in fresh air, and exercise are great ways to jump start your day and improve your health and well-being.

In our next post, we will discuss the impact of environment.

578239_10150981208185649_1604504171_n.jpgMy passion is in connecting hearts, to help people see our oneness and common humanity, and to teach people strategies for handling the individual, family, societal, and workplace stresses that zap our energy, enjoyment of life, productivity, and well-being. I have been training adult audiences for over 40 years.

I work with people at all levels, but especially with top leadership in organizations with a focus on employee engagement, dysfunctional teams, communication challenges, culture, implicit bias, change management, and rebuilding trust. I am a keynote speaker and also train nationally for businesses, associations, colleges, community groups, and government organizations.

My focus over the past decade has focused neuroscience of well-being, positive psychology, strengths-based leadership, generative change, emotional resilience and Appreciative Inquiry. My current or recent contracts have been working with leadership in high stress organization: correctional facilities, emergency communication centers, and high stress government agencies. I am a wife, mother of six, and entrepreneur and also an author of six books.


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