21 Tips to Help You Spring Forward: Part 3

Continued from Part 2: http://wp.me/ppImQ-iG

Throw Off Your Fears, Mediocrity, and Winter Doldrums

The physical spring represents change, movement, and new growth everywhere.  The hardened dark soil becomes verdant and green again.  The barren trees begin to bud once more.  Animals emerge from their winter hiding places eager to introduce their new offspring to our beautiful world.

And, more importantly humans are refreshed as the warm sunlight rejuvenates their skin.  They exhale with joy and appreciation in anticipation of mostly warm and sunny days ahead.

Symbolically they begin to throw off the layers of clothes that have warmed and protected them over the winter just as they throw off fears, mediocrity, and winter doldrums.  Some bare more of their body to let in the warmth and the healing and rejuvenating rays of the sun, others bare their souls instead.  For spring is a time of repentance, fasting, spiritual rejuvenation, renewal, forgiveness, and grace.  It’s a new season.  Time to make the most of our valuable time.  Time to make the most of our valuable lives.

The final 7 of our 21 Tips to spring forward are below.

  1. Don’t take old baggage into spring.  Let go, forgive, and move on mentally.  Physically, let go of clutter and make your space inviting, harmonious, and nurturing.  Every piece of your stuff holds a piece of your conscious mind hostage.
  2. Have a system that manages your time.  Start with the end in mind, and work backwards.  Keep a ‘To do before I die’ list of the most important things you want to accomplish.
  3. Know when you are the most productive during the day and plan accordingly.   Prioritize your tasks.  Something has to be first, second, third, etc.
  4. Appreciate the value of your time and you won’t waste it.  Be aware of your time thieves and have a plan to keep them in check.
  5. Focus and limit distractions as much as possible. Set aside some ‘no interruption’ time each day.
  6. Handle those things that you excel at or are most important to you and delegate as much as possible to others.
  7. Keep a calendar of commitments handy and don’t leave home without it.


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