Time Tip #3: Write Yourself into Your Calendar In Ink


Why Do We Pencil Ourselves Into Our Calendars?

Why is it that we write the requests of everyone else in our calendars in ink, but pencil in time for ourselves?  As we discussed in previous posts, having time in not enough, you must also have sufficient energy if you are going to accomplish your goals.  We all get the same 24 hour allotment each day, so you can’t make more time.  Instead,  you must take time.  You need to set aside time to not only rest and rejuvenate, but also time for reflecting, planning, and strategizing.

It Is Not Selfish to Take Care of Yourself!

You are important and you’ve  got to learn to take care of yourself.  It is not selfish to take care of yourself;  it is  practical.  But, the only way you are going to find time to take care of yourself is to schedule some time for yourself.  So pick up your calendar right now and write yourself into your own calendar in ink. And, then treat that promise to yourself with the same integrity that you do for promises to other people.

Treat Personal Requests Like Requests from Others!

You must learn to treat personal needs just like other time and energy requests.   Whether it is going to your doctor appointments, exercising, time for prayer or meditation, or time to eat right, you must set aside time or you will not do it.   The first habit in my TalleyUP system is taking time out to tune in and reflect.  We need time to think and plan our lives.  We cannot live on purpose by accident.  Life is important and intentional and if we are to get the most out of it, we must be at our best mentally, spiritually,  and physically.  Continue to Tip#4: Clarify Your Vision Before You Aim and Fire!

Barbara Talley is a Poet, Author, Publisher, and Keynote speaker who speaks on Time Management, Goal Setting, Empowerment, Communications, Diversity, Leadership, and Women’s Issue. To book Barbara for an event, phone 301.428.4831, email her at barbara@thepoetspeaks.com or visit her website at www.thepoetspeaks.com.

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