Tip#4: Clarify Your Vision Before You Aim and Fire!

On Track On Fire and On Purpose Cover2 Ready, Fire, Aim or Ready, Aim, Fire?

Before you start sprinting to the finish line, first know where you are going.  Planning your time before you have planned your life is like firing an arrow before you have aimed it.  Sure it will fly, but to where?  Aiming is clarifying and focusing on your vision before you fire.

In my book, On Track, On Fire, On Purpose, I define vision as:  “the masterpiece of  imagination, the blueprint of destiny, and a sneak preview of coming attractions.”

What do you see for your future?  What possibilities have you imagined?  What dreams have you pondered?

Your Vision Is A Gift

Did you know that your vision is a supernatural gift?  It allows you to see with your mind’s eye the future before you see it with your physical eyes.  Your vision is the blueprint of your destiny.  Destiny is preordained and is yours for the claiming.  Your vision is real.  It shows you the possibilities for your future.   Think of it as a sneak preview of coming attractions.

Believing Is Seeing!

Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing.”  My ten year old daughter heard this quote once on television, and couldn’t wait to share it with me.  She said, “Mom, this sounds like something you’d like.”  I agreed.  I loved it.  It stated something more profound than the obvious.  Seeing isn’t believing. It doesn’t take much faith to believe what you see.  But, to believe something that you can’t see with your eyes yet, now that’s faith.

Your Vision Is What You Choose to See for Your Future

Believing allows us to see with our mind’s eye, long before we see it with our physical eyes.  When we believe that’s when we begin to see.  Because, even though your vision previews the future, you must still acknowledge it.   Vision is what you choose to see for your future.

Your Plan Should Capture Your Vision

Your plan should capture your vision.  The bible says that, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”   Now, that’s on pretty good authority that we must have a vision.  To perish means to die.   Visionless people waste time, have a hard time seeing where they fit in, and may also become bored, depressed, and lifeless.  Having a meaningful goal engenders life.   A vision gives us direction, purpose, and passion.  People with vision know where they are going and are excited by what they see.  People with vision are energized.  People with a clear vision, thrive!  So, what’s your vision?  What do you see?  What do you believe?  Now that you see it, Get Ready, Aim, Fire!     Continue to Tip#5: Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

Barbara Talley is a Poet, Author, Publisher, and Keynote speaker who speaks on Time Management, Goal Setting, Empowerment, Communications, Diversity, Leadership, and Women’s Issue. To book Barbara for an event, phone 301.428.4831, email her at barbara@thepoetspeaks.com or visit her website at www.thepoetspeaks.com.

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