Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Appreciation can go a long way
A simple thank-you can make someone smile
A grateful heart takes root in some easily
Others however, it seems to take a while

It should be a natural instinct
To see our blessings and to appreciate
But most seem to be programmed to see what is wrong
And then blame circumstances, other people, or fate

Appreciation goes a long way
In fact when you’re grateful you attract more blessings to you
And while guilt, anger, blame and fear might get a response
Gratitude makes people want to do even more for you

Gratitude is a virtuous and divine quality
That the spiritual actively seek to cultivate
Who would you rather be around, someone who is always complaining,
or someone who in spite of the tests in life
Always seems to find something for which they can appreciate

Appreciation goes a long way
It brings happiness to both the one who gives it and to the one that receives
Appreciation stems from your clarity of vision
Your inner eye opens and your capacity increases because you believe

You believe in the goodness of others
Your kind and searching eyes are always looking for the best
You are not blind to others faults, but instead
On their goodness is where you choose  to let your focus rest

Appreciation goes a long way
Its antithesis, ingratitude attracts unhappiness and pain
Ungrateful people accomplish nothing from this vice
While the appreciative have so much more that they gain

Appreciation goes a long way
It fosters the development of so many virtues and qualities
Appreciation always brings out the best in you
And it brings out the best in me

(c) 2007-2010, Original Poetry of  Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks)- All Rights Reserved
From the 2010 Book Release, ‘Cheer-Up’- Poetry to Get You Back on Track

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