I’ll Race Toward the Sun

One of these days I will grow old

But that day doesn’t have to be soon

Society tells us we must grow old, gray, and useless

But I plan to be singing to a different tune

And I hope and pray that when that day comes

That my most important work will be complete and done

And I won’t be afraid and trying to relive my youth

Instead of dragging my feet, I’ll race toward the sun

The sunset of my life will be joyous

The sunset of my life will be glorious indeed

From the mundane, unimportant, unspiritual ties

I plan to be detached and freed

I’m eating healthier and exercising more

I’m keeping my mind stimulated so it can do what it was created for

I’m not rolling over and letting the aches and pains take over

I’m singing to a different tune these days

I have to let go of familiar foods, customs, and beliefs

I have to consciously choose life and change many of my old ways

Maturing in age is not synonymous to growing old

Or with atrophying, growing weaker and having low energy

This body was designed to live long and help us prosper

But we changed how we thought about our mind and body

Our minds can create the reality we wish to have

Our bodies are temples, powerful beyond compare

There’s so much we can do to preserve them both

But first we must care, then learn and become aware

You must eat right by choosing live whole foods

You must drink plenty of water and get enough sleep

You must exercise and stretch your body and mind

And beware of the company you keep

Because before you can grow old in your body

You must grow old first in your mind

Choose friends carefully because their words have influence

Thoughts multiply and generate more of their kind

One of these days I will mature in age

But I plan to continue to grow wiser each day

By avoiding dead processed foods, caffeine, and drugs

And to listen to what my body has to say

If my body and mind need rest I’ll give it

If it needs raw fresh foods and vitamins I will comply

So that I will be able to live fully up and until

The day that my spirit breaks free and my body dies

I plan to run toward the sunset

And not drag a poor diseased body in tow

I plan to run toward the sunset

And be happy when it’s my time to go

(c) 2007-2010, Original Poetry of  Barbara S. Talley (The Poet Speaks)- All Rights Reserved

From the 2010 Book Release, ‘Cheer-Up’- Poetry to Get You Back on Track

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