Conscious Acts of Kindness Bring Joy to All

Remember all the buzz years ago about ‘Random Acts of Kindness?’  It was about doing deeds for strangers.  This is noble and worthy, and while it may end with charity to strangers, we all know that , “charity begins at home.”

In this spirit, a couple of years ago, my daughter Radiance who is now twelve and I decided to do something consciously to make the people we know happy.   Each day we picked a person and together consulted on what we could do to make that person happy.  I wish you could have seen us.  We looked like sneaky schemers, grinning from ear to ear, excited about the joy we were creating.  We were happy and the person we were doing something for was happy.  She loved it!  You might want to try this yourself or with your kids if you have any.  Pick someone right now that you care about and think about what you can do to make them happy.  It’s contagious!

Volunteering and Charity Are Paths to Joy and Happiness

And finally, volunteering and giving to charity are great paths to joy and happiness.  I’d like to tell you about a couple of friends of mine.  Maxine tutors a seven year old boy teaching him how to read.  When she speaks about how his face lights up to see her, her own voice lights up.  It’s clear that they bring each other joy!

Another friend of mine, Judith has a non-profit that among other things fills backpacks with food so that disadvantaged children can eat over the weekend.  Making a difference in the lives of others brings immeasurable joy to her and to the children and families she helps.  If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or doing a fundraiser to raise funds to feed a certain number of children or to sponsor a particular school, contact Judith at

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