Create Joy by Serving and Giving

A best kept secret of the universe is that real and lasting joy comes from giving and serving.   When you give from the heart it makes you happy.  When you serve someone in need it gladdens your heart and brings you joy.  And, giving doesn’t have to be costly.  I’m a vegetarian and cooked ‘barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and peas for my husband on Friday night.  He commented, “What day is this?; This is a Sunday meal.”  He was so appreciative.

I’m getting my 83 year-old step mom tomorrow from North Carolina to stay a few weeks with the family.  She had congestive heart failure a  week ago.  She was so weak and frail lying in her hospital bed last week when I went to see her.  I asked her if she would like to come stay with me for a while in Maryland, she responded, “Yall want me?”  Just the thought of coming to spend an extended time with us gave her the strength to recover quickly.  Before that  she was only eating a few spoonfuls of food at each meal.  When I asked her if she was eating any better a few days later by phone while she was still in the hospital, she  responded with, “I ate all my food so I can get out of here!”  It gave her something to look forward to.

Now she is out of the hospital and preparing for her trip.    I talked to her today and she was as spunky as ever telling me to make sure I bring her home in a week.   I’m off to NC in the morning to get her.  You’ve probably got a similar story to share if not, think about who you can make happy right now?

[2011 Update- My stepmom passed away late July of this year.  Now all I have are memories and the motivation to live a no regrets life.  Take care of the people in your life that are still here. Never let anyone doubt that they are loved and wanted.]

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