We Are the Makers of Our Misery and of Our Merriment

Do you believe in fate, karma, or that, ‘what goes around comes around?’   Perhaps you are not the mystical type but are more scientific and believe instead in ‘cause and effect.’  Two different perspectives, but they both lead to the same conclusion and that is, ‘our faith, beliefs, and actions produce our results.’  Certain beliefs and actions produce happiness and other beliefs and actions produce unhappiness.

What You Believe Is Your Reality!

We are makers of our misery and we are the makers of our merriment.  It is all about perspective.  Studies have shown that happy people don’t have fewer tests, challenges, or problems.  But they do have an uncanny way of finding the good in most circumstances.  Their attitude in turn changes their problem into an opportunity.  These people tend to take responsibility for the good and the bad.  Now some will disagree with me and say, “I didn’t cause …… to happen!”   And, I agree. What you believe is your reality.  I however prefer to believe that I in some way did cause or attract my current reality.  Otherwise I’m admitting that I’m powerless, that I’m a victim of circumstances and that I have no control over what happens or doesn’t happen in my life.

Choose! Are You Powerful or Powerless?

We can’t have it both ways, either we have power and what we do matters or that we are powerless and forces beyond our control determine our fate.  If we choose to believe we have power then we must accept the role we played or refused to play that created our current reality.  We must accept responsibility for our lives and not blame others.  But, in this acceptance, we unlock the doors of power and unlimited possibilities.  In refusing to accept responsibility and instead blaming others, we unconsciously relinquish our power.  So, if you want to be happy, choose to be.

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