How Are You Handing Change?

Continued from Part 1: 5 Changes That Can Dramatically Change Your Life

We Must Face Change with Courage, Resolve, and Hope

Now the question for you is how are you handling change?  Are you being swept up into the winds of change and enjoying the journey or are you fighting it and falling back into your old familiar routines.   The past as we know it is gone.  We’ve got to embrace new technologies, learn new strategies, and be open to new possibilities.  We must face all this change with courage, resolve, and hope.  If we do, we will be the leaders.  If we don’t, the dizzying  rate of change will consume and paralyze us.  Fortunately, you are not alone.  Help is all around you.  Reach out to others going in the same direction that you are and turn this seemingly uncontrollable chasm of chaos into a journey of joy!  I’ve written a book that focuses on change called On Track, On Fire, and On Purpose.  It discusses three critical tools for harnessing the power of change, your vision, your values, and your virtues.  You can purchase it on or from my website

2 thoughts on “How Are You Handing Change?

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