Part 4A: May Day- The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie

Continued from Part 3: Napoleon Hill’s Science of Achievement

No One Achieves Success Alone

Now with respect to support, we need to find people on our own wave length, with similar energy, faith, and goals.  Unfortunately, it may not be our spouses, parents, best friends, children, pastors, or teachers that support our most cherished goals.  We must first believe that support is out there and then put out the right energy so that we can attract the right person, book, idea, or resource to us.

Andrew Carnegie Mentored Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill found such support in the billionaire steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.  Hill too had his own fears and doubts. He shared them with Mr. Carnegie that he didn’t have the education, wealth, or maturity to take on such a monumental mission that his mentor and coach was encouraging him to undertake. Napoleon Hill recounts that he was forever changed after hearing Mr. Carnegie share an analogy of life in a story about two sealed envelopes that each person receives at birth.  One was labeled Riches You May Enjoy, the other, Penalties You Must Pay.

We Each Possess A Power Greater Than Poverty, Education, and Fear

Mr. Carnegie taught that we each have under our control a power greater than poverty, greater than lack of education, and greater than all our fears and superstitions combined.  And, that power is our mind.  He said that “if we take possession of our minds and direct them towards goals of our choosing,”  that we would receive the contents of the Rewards envelope and we will be rewarded with wealth, health, peace of mind, labors of our love, freedom from fear and worry, etc.

If We Neglect to Use Our Minds Correctly We Must Pay the Penalty

If we neglect to take possession of our minds and direct them towards goals of our choosing, we must pay the penalties outlined in the Penalties envelope, which are ill health, fear and worry, indecision and doubt, frustration, poverty, want, and a host of evils including hatred, greed, superstition, etc.

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