Part 6: May Day- Napoleon Hill’s 17 Success Principles


What Do You Want from the Universe?

Napoleon Hill became so inspired by Andrew Carnegie that it changed his whole outlook on life and he then dedicated the next 20 years to studying and writing about how to become extraordinarily successful. So what did he find out?  He summed it up in his 17 success principles.  The first of his principles was ‘definiteness of purpose.”

Mr. Hill directs his readers to answer two questions.  The first, “What do you want from the universe?” He says to write it down and recite our desire a dozen or more times each day.  And, the second question, “What are you willing to do or give for it?”

Carnegie had taught him that, “It is the mind that makes the body rich,” and that, “No man can become rich without enriching others.”

I call this ‘definiteness of purpose,” certitude.  Certitude for me is, knowing for sure why I am here on the planet and understanding the wisdom of using my talents and gifts to serve humanity and not only myself.  Are you clear on your goals?  Have you decided and chosen what you want from this life?  Have you written your goals down?  Have you been specific?

The Mastermind Principle

The second principle and the one I’d like to focus on in this message was the Mastermind principle.  He asserts that no one that has achieved any significant success has done it alone.  They all took advantage of the mastermind principle that entailed bringing together a small group of trusted people and using their synergistic power of prayer, creativity, and knowledge to spark ideas, solve problems, or provide resources.

So, if you could use a little push or need a serious shove in the right direction, find a few people that you trust and seek their prayerful consultation, mentorship, or collaboration.  I write about using a mastermind group in my book, ‘Talleyup: The Excitement of Value-based Living’ under the topic of spiritual consultation.

List of Napoleon Hill’s 17 Success Principles

Some of Napoleon Hill’s other principles are a Positive Mental Attitude, Pleasing Personality, Applied Faith, Go the Extra Mile, Personal Initiative, Enthusiasm, Self Discipline, Accurate Thinking, Controlled Attention, Teamwork, Learning from Adversity and Defeat, Creative Vision, Maintenance of Sound Health, Budgeting Time and Money, and Cosmic Habitforce.

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