Grace #2: Reunited with an Old Client

I am now officially a part of the sandwich generation.  The prediction that we would one day be taking care of children and our parents at the same time is becoming a reality for me and many others.  I’ve had my step mom for the last 2 ½ months to help her recuperate from a heart attack, dialysis, and a blood clot.  This week while trying to focus on the last 5 days of the challenge, one of her feet began to swell.  I dropped everything and have spent the last two days running from doctors to labs etc.  I was starting to feel like my dream was slipping away from me because I couldn’t find the time to get on the computer or phone to let folks know I was in a competition.  Even now in writing this, I had to stop to take her to her dialysis appointment and then come back and finish it.  But there are hidden graces in service.

On the way out of one doctor’s office, I recognized a lady that looked familiar to me. I mentioned that to her and she said she thought that I too looked familiar.  After exchanging names, we realized that I had worked for her agency over fifteen years ago.  I told her that I had been trying to find out who to contact after the people I’d worked for had either retired or gone on to new agencies.  She told me that she was the person I would need to speak to.  I felt so blessed and guided for I had been trying to get back into this agency for years.

LESSON: “When the most important is before you, you must learn to let go of the important.” Now that more and more people are finding themselves taking care of elderly parents, we’re going to have to make even more sacrifices.  But when things get overwhelmed I remember that quote.  It was clear to me what or who was most important.  And, as a reward, without any expectations, I found grace on the path of service.

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