The 3rd Grace: Helpful Committed People

There are now only 3 days left in the competition since it ends July 3rd.  My caretaker duties have usurped much of my time and I haven’t been able to do much that I’ve wanted to do to get people to vote for me.  But, I’ve always believed that if you do the right thing,  the right thing comes to you.  That brings me to my third grace, wonderful committed friends.

I think it was Mary Crowley of Home Interiors who once said something to the effect that she’d trade any number of ‘interested people’ for just one committed person.  That’s my third grace.  I have a lots of friends that were interested in my success, but I had a few family members and a few friends that were committed.  Thank you Betty, Linda, April,  Teisha, Gile, Gille, Michelle, Larry, Shawn, Brian, and Radiance.  And a huge debt of gratitude to Roya, Maxine, Tony, Kedicja, and Clif.   Let me explain the difference.  My committed friends were willing to stand out in front of the metro and hand out voting instructions.  They were willing to go door to door, to stay up late calling and emailing friends and voting for me.  They are willing to consult with, encourage, and go the journey with me.  I could scarcely believe how much they loved me and wanted my success.  They gave me the strength to keep pushing even as the top vote getter’s votes soared over 9 million.  What was so beautiful about that is that one lady had not even met me and called me daily for flyers to pass out at the metro.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Grace is being loved and supported and I have that!  The competition isn’t even over yet and I feel like I’m the big winner because of my wonderful supportive friends and family.

So this month, my newsletter is sparse, with just one article.  July will be a whopper sharing the outcome of the competition as well as the lessons learned from the endeavor.  Meanwhile, would you check out my video, vote for me, and tell your friends.  I’m still holding on to the dream.  You can vote many times.  Thanks in advance.  In conclusion, I’ve learned that we can get anything we want in life if we just help enough other people get what they want.  Thank you

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