Lessons Learned from Competing #2: Decide and Commit

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Decide and Commit

Everything isn’t for everybody.  And, even if it’s your thing, sometimes the timing is not right. But when you know it’s the right thing, the right time, and you are doing the right thing for the right reasons, then stop procrastinating, just decide and commit.  Nothing happens until we commit. We can think about, pray about, talk about, and complain about the odds or the possibilities, but nothing happens until we make a decision.

The Act of Deciding Unleashes Latent Powers

The act of deciding is in itself powerful.  It unleashes new untapped energy and attracts powerful ideas and people to you.  It informs our spirit, our allies, and even our detractors that we are serious and committed.  Commitment focuses our energy on a single point so that we can make greater strides.  It is difficult to stay focused when we are too distracted trying to do too many different things at once.  When we are iffy and not fully committed, we have less energy, less creativity, less faith, and less support.  In fact some even become paralyzed by indecision and can’t seem to make up their minds at all.   But, when we do decide, something magical happens.  It is even as though the angels come to aid, the waters of wisdom begin to flow, and the denizens of doubt begin to disappear.

Nothing Will Happen Until YOU Commit

So, if there is a goal that you are attempting, realize that nothing will happen until you commit.  I heard about the Oprah competition by accident.  I already had my plate full at the time, but opportunity was banging on my door. I had to make a decision and I didn’t have much time to make it.  Was this the big chance, I’d dreamed of and if so, how could I not take a chance?  I thought about it for a few days, and then I decided.  There is a big difference in thinking about something and committing to it.  There were lots of doubts and excuses before I made the decision, but when I decided, faith stepped in and silenced both the internal and external critics.  You can’t expect support, resources, and encouragement from others until they see that you are absolutely and wholeheartedly committed to your own success.  If there is something that you truly want to do right now, realize that the ball is in your court and the first step to manifesting your dream and making it real is simply for you to DECIDE.

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