Lessons Learned from Competing #3: Get In The Game

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The Third Lesson I Learned from Competing is: Get in the Game

Once you’ve made a decision to do something, you must immediately act.  Acting is the key to attracting.  When I heard about the Oprah opportunity, I did not immediately jump into the game.  I had to think about what it would mean to my family.  I had to decide what kind of show would make a difference to the world and at the same time be something that I’d be excited and committed to for the long run.

You’ve heard it said before, “Do what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”  And, one thing is for sure, I love this kind of work.  I talked it over with some of my family members and then I knew I had to do it.  I made the most important decision of my future and I did it with certitude.

Commit to Doing Your Best

Once you’re in the game, you must commit to doing your very best and be open to learning.  If this weren’t a challenge, I wouldn’t be pursuing it.  And since it a challenge, I know that I am going to learn, grow, and be transformed by the experience.  Every experience prepares us for an even greater challenge in the future.  This experience definitely raised the bar higher than I’ve ever raised it before.

Entering the competition was a self- affirmation that I believed enough in myself to at least take a chance on me.  Now back to those internal and external critics, they will reappear from time to time.  But, when they did  I had to consciously think about and focus on all the reasons why I should enter the competition as opposed to why I shouldn’t.

Once You’re in the Game, Have Fun

And, once you’re in the game, have fun.  Be detached from the outcome.   What is supposed to happen will happen, getting upset or stressed won’t change the outcome for the better, and they sabotage your happiness in the moment.   Of course you’d like to win, but never if you have to compromise your values.  And while you will be learning new things, there will be some things that you will want to protect from change.  So, don’t lose sight of your real values.  Don’t compromise your integrity.  And, make sure that you stay in the light.  That’s the topic of our next lesson, stay tuned.

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