I Won!

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Oprah Had A Competition and I Won!

I thought that might get your attention.  Yes, Oprah is having an on-line competition to find the next big star.  That person will have their own show on the new Oprah Winfrey network.  But they haven’t yet announced the winners.  So, how can I already have won, you ask, especially when the front-runner had over 8 million votes when I got into the race.  How can I possibly see myself as a winner when the competition ended with me having 5,297 votes?   Well, just getting in the game taught me quite a few life lessons.  I’ve already changed and doesn’t that make me a winner?  In the next few posts, I share the lessons I’ve learned from competing.

  1. Define or be defined.  http://wp.me/ppImQ-xq
  2. Decide and commit. http://wp.me/ppImQ-xx
  3. Get in the game. http://wp.me/ppImQ-xG
  4. Stay in the light. http://wp.me/ppImQ-yl
  5. Ask for Help.  http://wp.me/ppImQ-xi
  6. Integrate faith and works.
  7. Play smart.  Play to win and win so you can play.
  8. Keep your eye on the prize.
  9. Stay balanced and focused.
  10. Give it your best and finish.

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