The Voting Is Over But It’s Not Over Yet!

Dear family, friends, and supporters:

Thank you for all that you have done in Phase I, the voting stage, which is now over.  We made a valiant effort together and the fact that I got 5,297 votes (because of you) within only  8 days cheers my heart. I woke up this morning happy that I had taken the chance on my dreams and that each of you supported me.  Your faith in me has made me a winner already.  Thank you for all the votes and the wonderful comments you left on the Oprah website.

During the next week the Oprah producers will scour over the auditions and select 35 additional folks to join the top five on-line vote-getters.Energy flows where attention goes,” so let’s not lose any momentum now .  We must start Phase II immediately. This is the phase where you pray and visualize me getting my OWN show. Please know that I will get my own show, no doubt about it.  It will either be on the OWN network or some other. But make no mistake,  I WILL have my own show in 2011 because I BELIEVE it and I can  already SEE it.  Remember, “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” So pray for me and visualize me on my own show, especially over the next week, while they are selecting the final cast members.

Will you commit to praying for me every day this week? And, don’t stop then, keep me in your prayers over the next few months,  pray that God’s Will be manifested in my life.  I believe America needs a show that showcases, ‘The Best of Us’ and if it is truly God’s Will, IF this door closes, surely another will open.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, again!  I love you all!!


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