Wanted One Mediocre Person

Now is not the time to abandon your dreams or your drive.

When you abandon your dreams, your drive, energy, and excitement wane too.  And that is precisely when you need more drive, energy, and excitement, for they attract opportunities to you.  Okay, so you’ve suffered a setback and things haven’t turned out the way you’ve planned.  Perhaps you’re tired, anxious, and feel like you’ve been backed into a corner.  You feel like you should just give in and accept anything.  But just anything won’t fill your spirit, move you closer to your dreams, or inspire you to move beyond mediocrity.

We were born to find meaning.

We were born to make a difference and to matter. And, people who are dreamers themselves like to be around other people who have faith in themselves and who are pursuing or living their dreams.

People without dreams are people without faith.

Faith inspires us to dream and to believe that anything is possible.  That feeling of faith energizes us and people are looking for that energy.  You’ll never see an ad that is searching for “One Mediocre Person.”  No one gets excited about someone  who has no dreams, no passion, or no purpose.  You’ll also never find a person intentionally looking for a friend, colleague, or life  partner who has no passion or purpose for life unless they have given up themselves and don’t want reminders of their faithlessness around them.   Misery does love company and it just takes too much energy to keep a dreamless person and yourself motivated.   It is our passion for life that makes us attractive to others, whether it is an employer, mate,  or as a friend.  People with inspired dreams and visions are magnets and they attract opportunity to them.  You’ve got a choice; do you want to be mediocre or magnetic?

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I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

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