Healing with Clay

I just finished listening to a Teleseminar on the healing powers of Clay with Perry A, author of ‘Living Clay: Natures Own Miracle Cure’. My friend Brenda introduced me to the healing powers of clay about a year ago. She had numerous stories to tell of miraculous healing with her family members.  She swears by it.  I tried it myself a few months ago but with no consistency. However, my daughter had an episode where her ankle was so painful that she could not walk.  She soaked in the clay and the next morning the pain was gone.  As a skeptic, she says it could have been the Valium that she had taken to get some sleep.  But, pain killers usually only mask pain and when the medication wears off the pain returns.  The medication wore off and the pain was gone too.  Hmmm, you decide.

Free Teleseminars Bimonthly

Anyway, the Teleseminar was fantastic.  I was sold, not because she was selling but because she was humbly educating.   She didn’t even mention her books or products.

Helps with Shingles and Back Pain, Skin Infections, Parasites, Toxins, and Inflammation

Clay can be used as a poultice or taken internally to help heal acne, parasites, pain, inflammation, and more.  She mentioned how it would clear the pain from shingles as well as remove toenail fungus.  It also helps to detox the body of toxins, the liver, kidneys, mercury from fillings, and more.  It  can even help with lower back pain as it helps remove inflammation.  I decided to add this simple natural remedy to my health regimen.  She has recorded her webinars for people to learn and enjoy any time.  You’ll want to check them out.  There are articles, instructions on how to use, audio recordings, and general information.  She holds live webinars every other Thursday and you can ask questions then or email in advance.

Wishing you better health in 2011


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