The World Is Our Mirror

What You See Is What You Get.

Although the world is our mirror, we decide what elements in the mirror to focus on.  There is so much out there that we can’t control and so much that we can.  We’ve got to decide which is which.  We can see light or can see darkness.  We can see hope or we can see despair.   We can see unity or we can see separateness.  If you see beauty you get beauty.  If you see love, you get love.  If you see hated you get hatred.  If you see lack, you get lack.  If you see abundance, peace, and opportunity, that’s what you will pursue.  What you see is what you get.   What do you see in the mirror?  Is the person happy or sad, kind or angry, full or fear or full of faith?

We Are Co-Creators of This Drama Called Life

Our free will and ability to make choices makes us a co-creator in this drama we call life.  We connect with, focus on, and are influenced by what we chose to see, believe, think, feel, and do.  And the clues for our search within are reflected back to us from every person, challenge, triumph, or situation we encounter.  Our oneness makes it possible to learn from others, but our uniqueness makes it necessary to do our own searching.

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

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