The Tree Most Pruned (continued)

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Adapting Without Complaint And Still Picture Perfect

That mighty tree once filled with fruit now stands there with only her leaves to cover her but is still picture perfect with or without fruit.  If only we could learn to be content with the natural order and know that we are still perfect with or without our stuff.  The tree adapts naturally to its changing conditions. The trees once verdant leaves change from green to brilliant autumn colors as she shares her beauty with all who will just take the time to appreciate it.  However, even this condition is short lived, because before long the strong winds come and strip her of even her leaves.   But, the tree just stands there proud and naked and interestingly still picture perfect.  Stripped of everything, the tree has yet another challenge to face.  For now the tree must be trimmed or pruned to prepare for the next season of her life and again she accepts her pruning gracefully without complaint.  Finally nature brings  a blast of cold air and a season of ice and snow, but the tree stands tall covered with snow, not fighting change but instead adapting naturally to whatever happens.

The Universe Will Provide

Eventually the snow melts, new buds begin to appear, and in due time the tree is covered with fruit again.  But, because of the pruning, this time the tree bears even more fruit then the past year. The tree is under the protection of mother nature, and unlike human beings, does not have free will or a conscious mind.  It can’t hoard it’s fruit, complain about being stripped down to nothing, fear the changing seasons, refuse to face a winter naked or cold, or doubt the eventual advent of a new spring.  The universe provides all that it needs and even without human intelligence, it knows.   And in time, the tree buds and blooms again.

Each Season Prepares Us for the Next

And, so it is with us humans.  Those most tested, those facing the most difficulties with grace, and those who endure patiently their challenges, seem to bear the best fruit.  They are more aware, appreciative, sensitive, forgiving, loving, and caring.  They grow stronger with each test they face with grace and gratitude.  So whether you are in your spring, summer, autumn, or winter of your life, realize that each season prepares you for a better season.  And remember, “The tree most pruned bears the best fruit.”

I’m Barbara Talley, The Poet who speaks and inspires.   To find more about me, check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

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