Wake UP Please!

I just finished watching this video by Gary Null that was really shocking and downright scary about the drugging of our children just for “being children.” Just like the animals we eat don’t get to run and play outdoors, neither do our children, at least not like we did.  Consequently they have all this built up energy and sugar in them from processed food that they have to be drugged to sit still.   When my children were young, I was called a “health nut,” because I didn’t allow them to have many sweets and watched their diets so carefully.  Consequently, they were all pretty calm kids and grew up to be healthy and fit adults.  But, I remember an occasion when one my daughters was able to eat a fair amount of candy.  It was as if the exorcist needed to be called in.  The sugar soon faded off and she was back to normal again, but what a lesson I learned!

What’s Up With Grapes Being the Size of Kumquats?

We have created a generation that has grown up not knowing much about whole food.  Everything has been re-engineered.  Consider that the fruit don’t even have seeds in them anymore.  Watermelons and oranges are seedless and grapes are the size of kumquats.  Many children don’t even know what their food looks like in its natural state.  We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that processed, packaged, adulterated food is healthy, that pills are more powerful than a healthy immune system, and that drugging our children and seniors is normal.  We have been convinced that growing old is unnatural and we are willing to spend billions to mask our true realities.

Don’t Dis-Believe In Your Own Healing Power

WAKE UP!  The body and mind when working together is a miraculous combination.  Don’t dis-believe in your own healing power.  Also, don’t follow the crowd.  Your body is a marvelous creation when it has the proper fuel.  Food is fuel, but do you know where your food comes from and what’s in it?  The Cornucopia Institute keeps scorecards to make us healthier.  Did you know that America also has the highest obesity rates in the world?  We are killing ourselves and even worse killing our kids who are getting adult diseases in record numbers in childhood.  Consider these 15 facts about obesity. Your body is your temple.  Don’t become a slave to drugs, adulterated foods, and propaganda.  The truth is before your eyes.  As you set your new goals for the year, don’t forget to set  some for getting and staying healthy.

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

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