Put Your Best Fruit Forward

Are Your Fruits Good?

What is the content of your character? Are you known for your honesty, compassion, fairness, love, faithfulness, patience or hospitality.  Are your fruits good?  Why not pick a fruit (or virtue) and really harvest it this year.  Genesis states that when the world was created, God remarked after each creation, that “it was good.”  We should get in the habit of doing the same thing.  Whether you believe or not, we must agree that if we are to put something into the universe, it should be good or the best we have to offer.  Depending on whether we are manifesting the fruits of our higher nature or our lower nature, our fruits may be good or bad.

To Be Good- Be Aware

Our rational mind or intellect gives us the power to create both good and bad.  Consequently, we must be alert and aware at all times.  We must be careful to align ourselves with people who have our values  and remember that we are influenced by the company we keep. If we are not alert, it will be even more difficult to see the truth about ourselves and others.  Instead of using our mind power and following our own instincts and intuition we may be tempted to simply follow the crowd.  Be true to yourself.  With the unlimited power to create that we have been endowed with, it is not acceptable to hide behind our veils, masks, and fears.  The only way we’re going to manifest our best selves is to put our best fruit forward and be good, honest, and true.

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out my promo sheet or visit  my website.

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