My Success Formula-(pt 2) Vision and Outcome


(Success Formula Part 1) Let’s start with your outcome or the results you want to manifest. This is why vision is so critical.  It charts your course after you decide the course of your earthly journey.  That’s a gift we’ve inherited at birth as co-creators.  We choose and then we focus our energies.  That’s how we move toward ours dreams.  It’s stands to reason that we must have a dream if we are to have a dream come true.  Step 1: Decide on the outcome you want to create.  What do you want?  What is manifesting right now in your life?  Are you moving in the right direction or do you need to change course?  What harvest is resulting from the seeds you have planted in the past?

You are not an innocent bystander in life.

Your input (or lack of it) helped to create your output.  You are creating reality with your every word, thought, belief, expectation, and deed. You are the master of your destiny, the captain of your ship, the CEO of your life.  So, if your current reality or outcome is a result of your own making, how do you use this knowledge to your advantage?  You use this power of vision and focus to chart your own course.

Vision- See the Outcome You Want

We’ve been taught that we should “begin with the end” in mind.  What is the outcome you desire?  What do you want to happen or not to happen in your life?  You must be clear.  Example:  “I want to make a living by my calling.”  In this example I would have to define what that calling is.  I think a purposeful life is a good way to start any endeavor.  What is your calling?  Answering the following seven questions will help you to find your true calling and help you to get “on track, or back on track if you’re sliding off.”  “Work” used in the following questions relates to the service you are providing to earn a living or to make a contribution to society. (Part 3 of Success Formula: KNOWLEDGE)

  1. What gift or talent do you have that sets you apart from others?
  2. What comes easily to you but hard for others?
  3. What gives you joy doing it?
  4. What do you love doing?
  5. What “work” would you continue to do even if you were not paid to do it?  (If all your needs were met.)
  6. What “work” do you perform that doesn’t feel like work?
  7. What “work” do you find yourself just getting lost in and losing track of time?

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

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