My Success Formula (pt 5b)- Expectations and Emotions

(From 5a: Expectations)

I believe that fear is the most powerful negative motivator and faith is the most powerful positive motivator.   Some might say love and hate because faith is rooted in love and hate is rooted in fear.  We do what we do to move towards that which we love and away from that which we hate or fear.   I assert that most of our actions are faith-based or fear-based.    While you could potentially have the same outcome, acting out of fear is more stressful and a lot less enjoyable.  For example, you might stay in school because you fear joblessness and poverty, but it would be far better experience to stay in school because you love learning.

Emotions Can Motivate or Manipulate

The media does that to us all the time.   They use fear tactics to get us to act in a certain way.  But, while fear can motivate us to act, it can also paralyze us.  How many times have you neglected to go after a dream because you convinced yourself that you would fail.  You allowed your own fear or someone else’s opinion to stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Faith Is A Greater Motivator

Faith is a far greater motivator, can “move mountains,” and can give the advantage to the underdog.  When we get hyped up we release powerful endorphins that can give us an emotional boost. When you pursue a goal that you care about with faith, you create radiant energy and excitement.   Emotions matter; what we feel, we give energy to!  Until we actually feel it, some say we will not see it.  When we expect something, we anticipate that something will happen beforehand.   To anticipate means to think, speak, act, or feel an emotional response in advance.  ‘In Advance‘ are the key words, which mean we must begin thinking, speaking, acting, and feeling before we manifest our dreams. If we really believe and expect success, we must do what we must to feel it!  That is why sales people spend millions of dollars advertising their products, they want you to feel what the actors are feeling.  They know that when we associate their products to a feeling, we’ll buy it.  And, so it is with our own goals and dreams.   If we don’t feel it, it isn’t yet real to us and our success is not certain.  Continue to 5c: More on Expectations and Emotions

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

4 thoughts on “My Success Formula (pt 5b)- Expectations and Emotions

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  2. Great post Barbara!! I couldn’t agree with you more that fear is what stops the majority of people from achieving what they want in life. I realize that I have my own fear but as soon as I start to realize that I am making a decision out of fear I do the opposite… We all must face our fears in the face and become that much stronger.


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