Women’s History Month- What Do Your Know about the Equal Rights Amendment?

This is Women’s History Month and I for one am revisiting my history. Frankly I was a little surprised and perhaps a little embarrassed at how little I knew or remembered.  So in the spirit of educating my sisters (and brothers) I have put together a little quiz.

How much do you know about the work and the women that are fighting and have been fighting to guarantee equal rights under the constitution for women?

There are those that say it is not necessary.  But view the ERA response:

“Would anyone really want to turn back the clock on women’s advancement? Ask the members of Congress who have tried to cripple Title IX, which requires equal opportunity in education – who have opposed the Violence Against Women Act, the Fair Pensions Act, and the Paycheck Fairness Act – who voted to pay for Viagra for servicemen but oppose funding for family planning and contraception – who for decades have blocked U.S. ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).”

Test Your Knowledge

  1. What is the Equal Rights Amendment?
  2. Who wrote the text for it?
  3. When was it first introduced to Congress?
  4. How many years did it take to pass?
  5. What year was it sent to the States for ratification?
  6. How many States are needed to ratify the Amendment?
  7. How many years did Congress allow for the States to ratify the Amendment?
  8. Did enough States ratify the Amendment before the time limit expired?
  9. What happened then?
  10. How many States actually ratified the Amendment?
  11. Is it ratified now?
  12. Which States didn’t ratify the Amendment?

Find the answers yourself, or continue article to view answers.

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