ASK and Ye Shall RECEIVE? Not Necessarily!

Ask and ye shall receive!” Can it be that easy?  If this statement is true then what you are receiving must have been what you asked for, right?  Or, there must be something more to it.  Let’s go down the list: work, family, health, relationships, wealth, service, and soul.  What are you receiving in each of these life areas? Is it what you asked for?

What has manifested from your request or a lack of a clear, specific request?

What you see is an indication of what you must have been asking for.  Keep in mind that you do not just ask for things in words only, for words often lie and contradict what you really think, feel, expect, or believe.  We ASK or show the universe our desires by where we place our energies.  Our desires are reflected in what we think about, talk about, worry about, pray about, love or hate,  and fear or trust.  Think about your most recent conversation, what was it about?  If you are not conscious of asking for what is now present in your life, then it must have been an indirect request to the universe.  Reflect on how you feel right now.  What is it likely to show up or manifest in your life if those feeling were a magnet?  Many are probably doubting that you get what you ask for.  You’re thinking, I did not ask for this layoff, this breakup, or this illness.  But, perhaps you did, not realizing it.  There has to be something more to it than just asking and I believe that something is even more important! Click to read about the profound realization that changes everything!

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

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