My Profound Realization That Changes Everything!

Asking is not enough!  You don’t always receive what you think you asked for and here’s probably why.  A profound realization I’ve come to is that it is not so much WHAT we ask for, but HOW we ask for it.  Words are not the only tool for asking; our actions are an even more powerful communicator.  Our emotional energy is powerful and reflects our desires and faith.   It’s clear that people ask for things all the time and don’t get them (or so they think.)  Now listen clearly for this is the pearl of wisdom that I think profoundly changes everything.    We must also ask with faith, with trust, and with belief.  That’s the secret ingredient!  

Belief Is A Seed That Grows With Action

Spiritual teachers have always taught that we don’t even have to have  that much faith (just enough as the size of a mustard seed), but we do have to have some faith.  Hope is the first sign of faith and must be coupled with trust.   That means we have to BELIEVE! We must have faith in the outcome.  If I ask for something feeling doubtful or fearful, I’m likely to get the thing I doubt or fear instead of the think I want.  Fear is a powerful attractor, but faith is even more powerful.  So when asking for what you want, make sure that your faith is stronger than your fear because you attract what you feel the strongest about, not what you want most.  Fear and doubt are actually belief that the worst will come to past.  Why not believe instead that the best outcome will be realized?  Belief is a seed that grows with action.  You nurture that seed of belief when you pray, brainstorm, plan, expect, and act like it has already been given to you.  You then have little time to worry, complain, or cry about what is.  When you believe, you act differently than you do when you feel hopeless. Remember, “Anything you ask for believing, you shall achieve.” [Bible]

I’m Barbara Talley, the poet who speaks and inspires.  To find out more about me check out: What Does Barbara Do? or visit  my website.

2 thoughts on “My Profound Realization That Changes Everything!

  1. You know, Barbara, I grew up with faith. My precious mother, always instilled in me that belief was an essential part of life. What you believe in, shapes who you are, how you treat people and how you see the world around you.
    Unfortunately, I made the mistake of allowing people in my life that did not have my best interest at heart. I completely forgot the “whole putting on the armour of God” before I left my home everyday and more importantly having that armour on when I was in my home. Now I’m aware that my present situation was of my own doing. I have to take responsibility for this.
    I often wonder, how am I supposed to forgive myself? I working on it everyday. It is a slow process, but I know that if I change my attitude, the way that I see my world, things will change.

    Peace to you and yours.



    • CleoPara
      A friend had the following observation on her blog. “Going through things is experience. Learning from them is wisdom.” You are obviously wiser because you see the error of your ways. That’s how we grow. It’s part of lie and everyone makes mistakes. Without forgiveness, you keep yourself stuck. Give yourself the grace that you would give to others. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my blog.


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