Honor Your Sight and Insight

When you can’t see, it makes you realize how important sight is.  I probably wouldn’t have even been thinking about my sight this morning had I not misplaced my glasses.  Now I am thinking how grateful I am to be able to see (even if I need glasses for reading.)  Sight is such a wonderful gift.  I’m now thinking about how many other wonderful things are before me that I’ve taken for granted and not expressly been thankful for.

Fortunately I located my glasses before long, but the lesson was still strikingly clear.

Sight is an extremely gift.

We must honor it,  protect it, appreciate it, and make use of it. It is through sight that we learn new things, acknowledge what is before us, and connect with our world.  And while sight is critical, insight is just as important.  We must learn to connect with those things that physical sight can not see.  Insight is being able to envision things, that is, to imagine, dream, and create new realities.  Each of us has marvelous powers that can not only transform our individual worlds, but also has the power to change and recreate the world around us.  Both our physical sight and insight require our focused attention and dramatically affect the quality of our lives.  We have to take the time to focus our sight because where our sight goes, our thoughts go.  Where our thoughts go, our attention, emotions, and energy goes.  And our emotional state and where we focus of our attention and energy determines what manifests in our lives.   We’ve got to take the time to see, reflect, imagine, and create the life of our dreams.  You have the power, use it!  Remember sight is a gift, honor it!

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